Sunday, September 8, 2013

UCL budget player notes

UCL Budget list

Skipped some teams where I saw no obvious budget players and where pen taker is obvious. When I have written 6/7 that means has played in 6 out of 7 possible games indicating to possible rotation threat. I also did not add pen taker where it was impossible to know for sure.

Ajax- Poulsen, Enoh(4.5mid), Van Rhijn(4/5, 4 def) PEN- Sigurthsson(but not 100% sure)
Anderlecht- Bruno(4 mid/5 goals 2 assists in 6 games, leading scorer), 4.0 mid Luka Miliotevic, PEN- Gillet
Arsenal- Koscielny 5.0 mil def
Atletico-Cortuois 4.5 mil keeper PEN- Costa
Austria Wien- Ortlechner(3.5 def), Daniel Royer 4 mil mid 6/7
Barcelona- Masherano, Alba 6.5 def
Basel- PEN- Schär
Bayern- Boateng 5.5 def 3/4, alaba 6 mil def on pens
Benfica- Djuricic- 4.5 mid 2/3 PEN- Cardozo
CSKA- Zuber 4.0 mid
Celtic- Ambrose 3.5 def PEN- Commons
Chelsea- Oscar 7.5 mid
Dortmund- Subotic 6 mil PEN- Lewa and Reus taken 1
Juventus- Lichtsteiner 5.5 def
FC Kobenhavn-  Wilan 3.5 keeper, Bengtsson 3.5 def, Delanay 4 mil mid Pen- Kristensen(1 taken)
Leverkusen- Spahic,Toprac 4 mil defs,
Man City- Nastasic, Clichy 5.5 defs, Nasri 6.5
Man Utd- De Gea, Rafael 5.5,
Marseile- Mandanda GK 4 mil PEN- Andre Ayew
Napoli- Britos 5 mil def PEN- Hamsik(as he took them when Cavani did not last year, could be wrong)
Olympiacos- PEN- Saviola
PSG-Maxwell 5.5 def
Plzen- Horvath 4.0 mid takes pens 3 goals and 3 assists in CL Qualis, is captain too, but 5/7
Porto- Josue 4.5 mid 2 goals 2 assists in 3 games and on pens
Real Madrid- Diego Lopez 3.5 keeper, Marcelo 5.0 defender,
Real Sociedad- Bravo 4.0 keeper, PEN- Vela or Prieto both same amount last year
Shalke- Fuchs 4.5 def and Uchida 4 mil def  both 3/4 games PEN- Farfan or Klaas
Shaktar Donetsk- Bernard 4.5 mid, The 3.5 keeper Kanibolotskiy is one to keep an eye on as he has been rotated places with Pyatov and played the same amount of games
Steua. Filop 4 mil mid ( 2 goals in 4 leading scorer)
Zenit- Neto 4 mil def 6/7 games

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UCL dream team GW4

So this is my UCL dream team for this week. I went for Robben, Lichtensteiner and Emanuelson in my personal team too. And I have the big hitting forward line along with Vidal.  Hopefully the reports from Germany are correct and Robben starts, and I really think Milan could surprise people with a win here after winning 5-1 in Serie A in the weekend and Emanuelson is key to most of the things they do offensively.

Enjoy your CL games everyone and good luck!

Friday, October 26, 2012

GW9 Dream team

Bench: Guzan, Cazorla, Boyce, Gorkss



Begovic- One of the best defenses at home vs the worst offense in the league 

Guzan- Villa at home vs Norwich probably low scoring so Villa very likely for a CS.


Richards- I went for Richards over Kolarov here as he is more nailed on this week with Maicon and Zabaleta out. Overall a very attacking defender with a good fixture this week.

Santos- Very attacking player and a differential with a nice fixture.

Huth- Stoke are the likeliest for a CS this week, and Huth is the most attacking of their defenders.

Boyce- OOP defender with a nice fixture and lots of goal threat. 

Gorkss- Reading should be better defensively than they have been so far and have a nice fixture this week. Gorkss is also a nice goal threat from set pieces also very cheap.


Gervinho- This is a big risk over Cazorla since it is dependent on weather he will play as the striker or on the wing.  But I just don't like Cazorla that much any more after I got him in my team :). I feel a bit cheated after falling for his flair.

Cazorla- I at least had to put him on the bench

Nasri- Great differential with a good fixture. Should be very involved in all of City's attacking as long as Silva is out.

Bale- The best player in the team playing against the worst defense in the league. I also considered Dempsey for the differential value, but just could not overlook Bale here.

Maloney- What is there not to like about him attacking, on penalties, cheap and has a good home fixture vs West Ham this week.


Aguero- is probably the best forward option this week, providing he starts the game.

Ba- is my favorite forward option so far this season, and a great option this week against the struggling WBA defense

Defoe- I love basically every attacking player going against Southampton, so Defoe is the obvious choice for my third striker.

Have great gameweek everyone!!! Follow me @KristjanPulma for more of the same.

Friday, October 19, 2012

FPL GW 8 Dream Team

Bench: Schwarzer, Pienaar, Riise, Davies(SWA)



Really strong offensive presence in the defense this week, outside of Davies. All teams represented have a great chance for a CS and at least one of that back 4 should produce attacking returns.


I really like Valencia and Gerrard this week for their differential value and both with great fixtures and very likely to start. Michu and Nolan as the budget heavy hitters- both offer loads of goal threat for their price and both have a great fixture this week. Pienaar only made it to the bench, mainly because he is the only one of my players with an away game.


I went for some ultimate differentials here: Andy Carroll and Giroud facing the worst defenses in the PL look like great options, especially with ownerships like 0.6% (Carroll) and 1% (Giroud). And RVP here also with a nice home game. Suarez barely missed out, but I felt I already had too much Liverpool.

I wish a great Game-week to everyone, follow me on twitter @KristjanPulma for more of the same.

Friday, October 5, 2012

FPL GW7 dream team

Subs:Foster(GK) Morrison, Gaston Ramirez, Davies
Just missed out: Petric, Bale



I have gone for the heavy hitters in defense as I feel all the historically solid defensive sides like City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham will come good this GW. A WBA defender misses out on the starting lineup mainly because of the injury issue in the back line. If I owned any of them they would go straight in my starting lineup.  


Its time for Michu to deliver after many of us have kept faith for a long time. Same goes for Hazard. I got Dempsey instead of Bale for the incredible differential value. Petric just missed out whereas Berbatov(if fit) would have been in instead of Torres. I watched the WBA game last week and Morrison was impressive- so I am backing him again this week. Sterling is my best dirt cheap option this week.


Lambert gets the nod over Gaston Ramirez in the starting lineup as Southamption cover which is a good idea vs Fulham at home this GW. Defoe also gets the nod here with Villa likely to concede and Adebayor still not 100% fit.

Good luck to everyone this GW. Follow me on twitter @KristjanPulma for more of the same 

GW7 shortlist:Tevez and McClean need replacing

I just wanted to take a look at a few players who I am considering to import into my team this week or the next, and also have a look at how good of an idea is it to get rid of Tevez. With a good look at the possible replacements for him including a closer look at Ba who is slowly turning into a must own again. 

Tevez and the other mid price strikers:

Carlos Tevez- He is one of the most owned player in the game and also the most transferred out player currently. With a home fixture vs Sunderland and nice fixtures after that coming up it is a big dilemma for myself weather to keep him or get rid. 

His shot conversion rate calculated based on last 2 seasons( for the 2010 season I will discount the goals and shots used for Pens)
  • GW1-6: Shots taken:17(2.8PG) Goals scored:3
  • GW1-6: Key passes made:7(1.2PG) Assists made:2
  • Normal rate of shot conversion:3.34 shots per game, 7.7368 shots per goal
  • Normal rate of key pass conversion(2010-11): 1.7  key passes per game 5.167  key passes per assist
After doing the numbers I am surprised how poor of a striker he is for FPL managers especially considering the low number of shots he takes for a striker with a low conversion rate. But as he did not play in the UCL he now seems likely to start on the weekend. I personally will keep him for now, but if I would be getting rid I would consider these options along with the majorities favorite Suarez.